FHWA Innovator Newsletter

FHWA Innovator Newsletter


We partner with the Federal Highway Adminstration's Center for Accelerating Innovation (CAI) to design, edit, and publish this bi-monthly digital newsletter. CAI is responsible for informing state Departments of Transportation about the latest proven innovations in the transportation industry, and encouraging the agencies to adopt them. The challenge is that many states have different ways of adopting and implementing their projects and budgets, so the Innovator must engage and inform as broad a readership as possible. 

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Website Mobile Design and DevelopmentWe use a three-prong approach:


  1. Great writing and design
  2. Portability
  3. Performance tracking

Great Writing & Design

Innovator is a magazine-style newsletter; each issue is written by our experienced writing staff and custom designed to be attractive, professional, and technically accurate. The goal is to convey quality information in a quality format. Innovator is not an average email newsletter.


To maximize accessibility and ease of reading, we design Innovator to be responsive to any device, whether desktop, tablet, or smart phone. Readers can start an article at their desk and finish it on the train home from work. 

Performance Tracking

Because Innovator is a digital publication, our analysts can track its performance through Google Analytics. Our Google certified analyst monitors each issue's performance, and can report near real-time successes and opportunities to our clients. This allows us to consistently optimize each issue based on data from previous ones. 


Innovator subscription numbers continue to grow each month, increasing 13% over the last year. The newsletter reaches transportation engineers, consultants, and academics in every state, as well as internationally. It has also won an ADDY award from the American Advertising Federation.

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For more information please download our full capabilities booklet at the top of this page, or contact:

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