The objective of this project is to develop a customized software tool that organizes the City of Vicksburg's key stakeholder information, critical facility data, and existing emergency response information and will be based on the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency's (MEMA) Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) and the Emergency Support Functions. 


This automated tool assists the City of Vicksburg, MS in planning and preparing for and responding to emergencies.

  • Describe roles and responsibilities for city/county officials, private enterprise owners and state government officials
  • Provide a list of city/county entities, private businesses, utilities and hazardous materials locations
  • Provide a list of Emergency Support Functions (ESF) including detailed responsibilities and contact information
  • Provide a list of resources available for an emergency
  • Describe Emergency Operations Center(s) including commander, membership and lines of succession, responsibilities, contact information and communications
  • NIMS Compliant
  • Provides a database of Contacts, Resources and Key References
  • Provides a simple web-based graphical user interface (GUI)


This emergency management tool will provide critical information (contact data, utility information, critical asset protection measures, and emergency procedures) that allows both first responders in the field and City emergency management personnel to make safe, rapid and accurate decisions. The software will also have an administrative access feature to allow designated personnel to easily update changes such as point of contact information, the addition of critical assets, and other information to allow the software tool to continue to address the City's need as information changes or is updated.


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