Electromagnetics and RF Training

Electromagnetics and Radio Frequency (RF) Training


Many trade schools, colleges and universities are no longer offering training programs for future engineers and technicians who would design, manufacture, operate and maintain legacy and new technology systems used in the design, development, testing and measurement of antennas and radomes, radar and more. Few current university engineering programs offer concentrations in electromagnetics and radio frequency (RF) design and analysis, and few, if any, advance degree programs in these areas.


Concerned about the aging work force and the lack of trained engineers and scientists following in their footsteps, ARA is taking steps to address these deficiencies, developing training courses aimed at high school students, college students, and professionals. ARA currently offers an introductory program into signature engineering, describing the need for stealth, the science behind the technology, and rudimentary methods for controlling signature.


ARA is securing the future of the fields of electromagnetics and radio frequency design and analysis, striving to ensure the United States maintains its defense and technological leadership in these areas.

Computational Electromagnetics

Computational Electromagnetics & Fluid Dynamics

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Innovative Training Solutions

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RF Technologies

RF Technologies

ARA offers broad expertise in radio frequency (RF) technologies, including hardware design and fabrication and software programming. more