E-Learning Website for Human Systems Integration

Safer Rail Transportation - Federal Railroad Administration


Rail operator inattention and distraction can have devastating effects in material costs and human casualties. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) promotes awareness of factors that affect rail safety, including operator performance and support equipment. Methods, more effective than manuals, are needed to invite rail companies and OEMs to use knowledge about attention to improve work procedures and workstation design.


ARA developed an e-learning web site to promote awareness of human performance through compelling and engaging videos, vignettes, research resources, and first-hand accounts of actual adverse rail incidents. The final site provides a platform for further development of HSI content of interest to FRA and the rail sector.


Given that limited training currently exists for how to manage one’s attention, there is value in capturing strategies from experienced operators and making those strategies available within eLearning for trainees to consider adopting and/or adapting for themselves. Equipping railway personnel to make improved decisions and taking action appropriately can reduce railway accidents and fatalities.

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