Disaster Management Planning for the Smithsonian Institution

View of the Smithsonian Castle


The Smithsonian Institution (SI) needed to formalize its disaster management planning across the entire Institution. Disaster Plans from one museum to another were disjointed and resources were not being coordinated.


ARA developed a comprehensive disaster management program for the Smithsonian Institution which included:  Development of Smithsonian’s Disaster Management Master Plan, and preparation of unit plans for three primary museums: the National Air and Space Museum, the National Museum of American History, and the National  Museum of Natural History. ARA created customized disaster management planning software, DM-Planner, for 28 Smithsonian Units, provided technical support for DM-Planner, and performed classroom training.


The project resulted in each SI facility developing a standardized plan with similar components which could be easily updated and shared across the organization.

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