Disaster Management Plan Review for the Library of Congress

U.S. Library of Congress


The Library of Congress wanted an outside opinion about the effectiveness of its Disaster Management Plan. Having assisted the Smithsonian Institution in developing their Disaster Management Program, ARA was well positioned to evaluate the Library’s plan and offer recommendations for improvements where needed.


The Library of Congress Disaster Management Coordinator presented the Library’s plan to the ARA team. The ARA team asked questions concerning the plan history and any obstacles the Coordinator has encountered while trying to develop and implement the plan. With this important information gathered, the ARA team began interviewing Library representatives from different departments to gauge their input into the plan and ask questions concerning their individual responsibilities in a disaster to identify if all roles were accounted for in the plan. The ARA team also spoke with representatives of similar facilities to compare the Library’s plan to other plans.


ARA issued a report containing findings and recommendations from the review. The report was intended as a guide for the Library to further improve upon their plan.


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