Defense Installation Access Control (DIAC) Working Group Support

Defense Installation Access Control


The Defense Installation Access Control (DIAC) Working Group seeks to improve interagency collaboration to ensure that installation access controls are optimally efficient to thousands of military, civilian, and contract personnel to access installations to perform their everyday mission and to share personnel security information across services and DoD agencies.  At the same time, those access controls must also provide adequate measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons.


Through a series of Access Control initiatives designed to assess fitness of individuals entering military installations and to rapidly and electronically authenticate credentials by supporting inter-Service and Inter-Agency collaboration, our team supports the improvement of physical security across the Department of Defense through enhancing access control technologies and improving installation security.

We provide subject-matter expertise in leveraging advanced technologies and DoD physical security policy to the DIAC working group in order to integrate positive solutions to improve installation access control.  We have conducted interagency coordination, provided facilitation and meeting support, and engaged in research and analysis efforts to build effective access control solutions. 


The sheer volume of personnel accessing DoD installations around the world requires a rapid method of verifying access, and as services expand joint efforts and HSPD-12 implementation continues, this access requires services and agencies to work together seamlessly to enable the movement of personnel on official business.  At the same time, preventing unauthorized access is required to protect DoD assets and personnel.  


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