Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign

Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign


We were asked by the Federal Highway Administration to create a campaign to promote Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA), an innovative approach to making highway investment decisions. DDSA is a method of analyzing crash and roadway data that allows engineers to actually predict the expected safety of roadway projects before they are built. 

DDSA is a challenge from a communications standpoint because it is an approach to data analysis, and is not inherently visual. The FHWA team told us from the beginning that this would be a difficult campaign to articulate, and that we should focus on "telling the story" of DDSA by humanizing the innovation and highlighting state and local agencies that have successfully applied DDSA methods. 


Our solution was threefold:

  1. Research DDSA to deeply understand its concepts, applications and audience.
  2. Develop a communication plan based on our research with specific, achievable objectives and tactics.
  3. Create a strong brand to help visualize DDSA and make it recognizable across all campaign collaterals.

Visualizing DDSA

The core tagline for the DDSA effort was "More informed decision making, better targeted investments, fewer fatalities and serious injuries." Starting with that, we created a central graphic that would stamp all pieces of the campaign.
Data-Driven Safety Analysis

Telling the story through video

We then wrote and produced a series of informational videos, to explain DDSA concepts and showcase local agencies that have used its techniques in their projects. 

High-level informational video explaining and demonstrating DDSA approaches and tools.
Success story video highlighting a DDSA project in New Jersey.

DDSA on display

We designed a complete conference exihibit display set, with a 10 x 10 ft. backdrop, four pull-up banner stands, and a high-resolution display monitor to show DDSA videos and also to demonstrate DDSA software tools. The DDSA team also conducted monthly educational webinars to train participants in different aspects of the techniques. We designed advertisements for the webinars as well as a full-page ad for Public Roads magazine.

Data-Driven Safety Analysis Exhibit Booth Data-Driven Safety Analysis Ads

Social Media

To promote and explain DDSA to a broader audience, our team created a series of social media posts for the FHWA Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages. 

Data-Driven Safety Analysis social media posts

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