Blast & Security Consulting for the Federal Aviation Administration

Blast & Security Services for the FAA


To protect personnel and operations under their control, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had a need to evaluate potential glass hazards from explosive attack at 19 of its Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC's), located in the following cities throughout the U.S.: Atlanta, Memphis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Denver, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Anchorage, Chicago, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Albuquerque and Jacksonville.


To support the FAA in meeting their requirements, ARA deployed security engineering staff to the ARTCC locations to perform site surveys, and develop subsequent blast analysis models to determine the glass hazard vulnerability at each location, as well as development of blast mitigation upgrades.

ARA has a rich history in supporting FAA with development of protective design solutions, spanning back to the terrorist downing of Pan Am Flight 103. Since providing this initial support, ARA has provided long-term support to FAA in the development of security criteria, and also in the protection of its facilities through analysis and design. ARA developed the FAA Security Reference Manual to supplement FAA Order 1600.69 Blast Standard. This document provides non-blast consultants with information necessary to effectively interact with their blast consulting team partners to ensure protection requirements for FAA facilities. In addition, ARA has performed successful blast and physical security assessments of FAA facilities across the U.S., including Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT), TRACONs, Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC's), the CERAP facility, the Automated Flight Service Station, and the National Network Control Center (NNCC).


ARA has assisted the FAA in developing sound physical security standards for their facilities, and implementation of this standard through assessment and protective design at FAA facilities across the U.S.

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