Air Force "Be Ready" Video Series

Air Force Be Ready Videos


Safety preparedness is a topic few people want to think about, which is why many are unprepared when disaster comes. To engage people and inform them, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center's Emergency Management division asked our team to produce a series of informational videos that describe specific natural and man-made disasters, and what to do to prepare and be safe. The videos were to be part of the larger Air Force "Be Ready" preparedness campaign.


Our solution had two parts:

  1. Produce the videos in a news-style format and setting. This gives them an urgency and professional look that make them more credible and interesting.
  2. We branded the videos by using the same professional news anchor in each episode, which helps viewers know a "Be Ready" video on sight.

Here is an example, about severe winter storms:

Other videos in the series include:

To view more of our videos, please visit our Video Production and 3D Animation page. 

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