Air Force "Be Ready" Campaign

Air Force "Be Ready" Campaign


Disaster preparedness awareness is a challenging topic to market. People generally do not like thinking about disaster striking them, but it is important for people to be prepared. The Air Force Civil Engineer Center's (AFCEC) Emergency Management division wanted to create a national campaign to help people "Be Ready" when natural or man-made disasters strike. 


We worked with AFCEC Emergency Managers to research the target audiences of the campaign, and then created campaign materials to communicate the importance of having a plan for staying safe during disasters. 

Air Force Be Ready Campaign MaterialsCampaign materials included:

  • The Be Ready mobile app. We developed an app that combined emergency numbers and websites, help checklists, and a database of disaster-specific information
  • Promotional Posters
  • A series of news-style videos about different disasters, to convey the urgency of preparation
  • Promotional Stickers
  • Table tents
  • Children's educational coloring pages
  • Be Ready disaster preparedness booklet

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