Zero Hour: America's Medic

Zero Hour


Zero Hour: America’s Medic is a first-person, Unreal Engine-based video game designed to train and exercise first responders to respond to mass casualty incidents such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Zero Hour was designed by George Washington University’s Office of Homeland Security and ARA's Virtual Heroes Division on a grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

Download Zero Hour for free at the Virtual Heroes website.


Zero Hour is intended for training and exercising of EMS response, but also serves the EMS community as a recruiting tool. The scope of practice of the game tools are geared toward pre-hospital emergency medical service practitioners, especially paramedics.

Taking place in the fictional city of St. Lillo, the player begins each mission in an ambulance and receives calls from the EMS dispatcher. As the ambulance approaches the scene, the player sees the chaotic scene unfolding. The player chooses which equipment to bring and then acts in accordance with the unique requirements of the situation.


  • PC/Windows (tested on Win7)
  • Mac supported through Parallels, VMware Fusion