Wingard LE

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WINdow Glazing Analysis Response and Design (WINGARD) provides a simple and accurate analytical model of window response to the effects of an explosion. The program accepts user input of window system properties and explosion characteristics to calculate the performance of the window system when subjected to the defined blast loads. Two versions of WINGARD are available for punched window analysis: WINGARD LE and WINGARD PE.

WINGARD LE is ideal for architects, planners and security personnel who need a quick, preliminary solution for common glazing systems loaded with basic blast loads. WINGARD LE's input and output is limited to the minimum required to analyze a typical single-pane or insulated glazing unit (IGU) punched window with laminated glass or a security window film.


Specific features of WINGARD LE include the ability to:

  • Quickly model a variety of glazing systems and predict glass fragment hazard
  • Calculate and display time-history plots of loading, displacement, velocity, acceleration, and reactions
  • Quickly switch between English and Metric units
  • Interact with graphs (zoom, scale)
  • Copy and/or print all output
  • Save graphs in DPLOT
  • Create a report

Results match WINGARD PE for windows that can be modeled in WINGARD LE.


The WINGARD LE software will run on most standard "off the shelf" Windows computer and must have Microsoft Word installed. The software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10. The WINGARD LE software must be installed using administrative privileges. The software cannot run on a server.

The WINGARD LE software must be installed on a virtual windows environment for Apple computers.


Standard License

  • Licenses are issued to one individual person, not an organization.
  • Licenses allow the software to be installed on one primary computer (e.g., desktop).
    • The 2nd License for a second computer (e.g., laptop) belonging to the same user may be purchased for an additional $50 (excluding A.T.-BLAST).
  • Licenses will expire after one year after activation of the software and will be available for annual renewal, excluding A.T.-BLAST.
  • Annual license includes installation support and program maintenance only.
  • Annual support includes program operation support only, not design and analysis guidance.

Educational/Training License

  • Educational/Training licenses are issued to one organization for use by students only.
  • Educational/Training licenses are issued on a case by case basis and subject to approval.
  • A purchase of a 1 year license must be placed at time of Educational/Training licenses are requested.
  • Start Dates and End Dates for training must be submitted via email when requesting an educational license.
  • Licenses will expire after duration of the training/class
  • Use of software for anything other than educational/training purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Educational/Training License may be re-activated for the same fee and will remain active for duration of new training/class.

For more information about Educational/Training Licenses, please contact