StrikeRing Battlefield App


StrikeRing™ bears all the hallmarks of traditional ARA projects: Best-in-class custom software, innovative engineering, and a persistent focus on delivering an unparalleled user experience.

StrikeRing Battlefield App

Leveraging the company’s patented ARC4 Recon technology, the StrikeRing app brings an entirely new level of realism to airsoft and paintball fields. Launching in 2020, the app (coming this July to both iPhone® and Android® platforms) presents battlefield action through an industry-first augmented reality (AR) overlay. By giving players control over key gameplay dynamics before, during and after an event, StrikeRing provides milsim teams the power to:

StrikeRing Battlefield AppSee the Unseen 

Through both 2D and AR views, StrikeRing gives teammates real-time, heads-up, 360-degree PLI (Position Location Information) through woods, walls and other obstacles.

StrikeRing Battlefield AppSet Their Teams Free

With StrikeRing, teams can avoid the extra expense and entanglements of using proprietary software that’s exclusively connected to a specific vendor or field. Players can download StrikeRing, register in a few seconds, and then begin using it how, where and when they want.

StrikeRing Battlefield AppLeverage Military Technology

Since it traces its roots to ARC4 Recon technology developed for professional fighting forces, StrikeRing will always remain battle-ready through regular updates.

The product roadmap for StrikeRing is structured to help address what ARA’s product team has heard most from the milsim community: “We need more players.” Future iterations of the app will be supporting gameplay from the perspectives of players, teams, referees, event organizers and field owners, so that all parties involved can capitalize on the benefits of better mission and route planning, more streamlined event management and more realistic gameplay.

StrikeRing isn’t about bringing GPS or structured rules into milsim; plenty of apps already do that. Instead, StrikeRing promises to give users a truly better way to plan, attack and adapt ⁠— all in real time.

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