THE RIGHT BALANCE of Protection & Situational Awareness

Introducing the SenseDefense™ line of acoustic protectors - the most comprehensive line of hearing protection products designed for first responders and safety officers.

  • Affordable: With a range of products to meet your unique needs, our hybrid designs avoid microprocessors and other expensive electronic components
  • Comfortable: Unlike uncomfortable silicone flange tips that struggle to create an adequate seal, Comply Canal Tips™ are engineered to deliver maximum noise reduction, maintain an acoustic seal, and provide all-day comfort.
  • Low Profile: SenseDefense™ acoustic protectors sit low within the bowl of the ear, reducing interference and are able to be worn under protective headgear.
  • Patent-pending Technology: Our unique patent-pending combination of active and passive elements is designed as a complete acoustic system to achieve a flat frequency response and low self-noise (hiss) – resulting in natural hearing


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