Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)

Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)


ARA's Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD) is a combined flash-bang and concussive force diversionary device that can be used in potentially explosive, hazardous, or unknown environments.  The NPDD combines the use of a compressed CO2 cylinder and a replaceable bursting cap to provide a >165dB impulse noise combined with a 0.5psi concussive force — a sound intensity and concussive force comparable to traditional pyrotechnic flash-bang devices.  A replaceable battery provides energy for instantaneous discharge through a bank of LEDs to provide a debilitating flash and induce flash blindness.

The ARA NPDD is a reusable device.  Each deployment only requires an expendable, low-cost bursting cap, battery, and CO2 cylinder.  A re-loading tool (included with each NPDD device) allows the user to quickly and easily re-deploy the device between uses.

Because of the inherent safety of the ARA NPDD, the device can be used in both training environments as well as operational environments with no difference in deployment procedures.

Non-Pyrotechnic – Reduced risk of injury in potentially explosive or human-occupied areas

  • Reusable device with low-cost expendable parts for each deployment
  • Fits standard grenade pouch carriers
  • Comparable performance to traditional flash-bang devices
  • Simple and easy reloading operation



  • Weight (with CO2 and batteries): 20.8 ounces
  • Height: 6.0 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches


  • Power Source: CR123A primary battery
  • Immersion: 66 feet for one hour
  • Peak Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 165 dB (154 dBA) at 6 feet
  • Peak Illumination: 0.6 klx seconds at 11.2 feet