Mission Biotech

Mission Biotech


Mission Biotech is a 3D educational game that encourages middle and high-school students to investigate careers in biotechnology. Funded by the National Science Foundation and developed by Virtual Heroes working with the University of Florida, the single-player game teaches the concepts, procedures, and tools used in a real biotechnology laboratory.


Users play as members of a virtual team trying to stop the spread of dangerous pathogens, and the clock is ticking. Gameplay includes discovering and using high-tech, fully functional laboratory equipment, collecting badges and clues, and unlocking mini-games that reinforce scientific concepts. Mission Biotech includes a hinting system to help guide players in their tasks, and a virtual Lab Director and other workers are available to answer questions.  The game features a randomized virus database and hours of replayable missions.

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  • PC/Windows (tested on Win7)
  • Mac supported through Parallels, VMware Fusion