M-RAK Tele-Op Kit

M-RAK Tele-Op Kit


ARA M-RAK Tele-Op Overview


ARA’s Tele-Op kit allows users to transition their work vehicles to an ‘optionally manned’ configuration. With a single switch, users can begin controlling their vehicles remotely, and operate them from up to 2 miles away. When remote operations work is complete, the user can drive the vehicle back to base, switch it back to manual mode, and have the vehicle return to work manned with an operator.

The Tele-Op kit is highly customizable to the work application. From tip sensors for steep slope work and cab audio for tool feedback, to HD pan/tilt/zoom cameras for object identification and rugged low cost replaceable work cameras, the ARA tele-op kit can be configured for any job. The complete list of features include:

  • Transition from manned to unmanned with a single switch
  • Numerous camera options to meet a variety of situational awareness needs
    • Low cost and rugged ‘work’ cameras
      • Recommended for mounting on tools or in high risk areas
      • Magnetic camera mounts allow users to change camera locations
    • High definition situational awareness cameras
      • Recommended for lower risk work or when the user must identify smaller items from the video
    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
      • Recommended on complex machines with articulated arms or when working in a populated area
  • Easy to use Operator Control Unit
    • View one, two, or four camera feeds at once
    • Displays all the gauge feedback provided when manning the machine
    • Optional audio, GPS location, and platform tilt feedback
    • Remotely control your vehicle with an X-Box controller mapped with vehicle specific functions
    • 6-10 hour battery life on base station and OCU for operations in unpowered areas
    • Tele-Op control protected by redundant emergency stop system
  • 1 year warranty
    • 3 year extended warranty available


Purchase Includes:

  • Platform Base Controller
  • Vehicle Tele-Op Box
    • Camera selection
  • Base Station
  • Operator Control Unit
  • Emergency Stop


  • Platform Base Controller (link to PBC page)
  • Vehicle Tele-Op Box
    • Flexible magnetic mounted cameras (easy to move and configure)
    • Up to 8 cameras (call for options)
    • Optional audio/GPS/tip-angle sensors
  • Base Station
    • 10½”x7½”x4”
    • 10lbs
    • Available with 2.3MHz, 2.4MHz, and 5.8MHz frequencies
    • Optionally tripod mounted (outdoor operations)
  • Operator Control Unit (OCU):
    • Vehicle specific software and control
    • Laptop with Windows 10
    • Optional touch screen control
    • 6-10 hour battery life
  • Emergency Stop (link to E-Stop page)


  • Remote (optionally manned) operations in traditionally dangerous fields
    • Forestry
    • Mining
    • Environmental or hazardous material remediation
  • Reduce operator fatigue in hazardous conditions
    • Extreme cold or hot weather
    • Very steep slopes


Radio Frequencies: 900MHz, 2.3GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.4GHz-5.8GHz, Wired Fiber-Optic

Camera Options: Standard Definition, High Definition, HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Other Options: Standard GPS, Differential GPS, Platform Tip Sensors