HumanSim® Anesthesia



Learning Through Simulation

HumanSim® Anesthesia enables users to gain an understanding of physiology, pharmacology, and medicine. The software gives users insight into the dynamics of clinical pharmacology by tracking the progress of drugs, gases, and agents through fully integrated, interactive cardiovascular and pharmacokinetic simulations. These systems are seamlessly integrated; changes in one system are reflected in the other.


Experience is the best teacher in medicine. Now it is possible to gain valuable experience outside of the clinical setting. HumanSim: Anesthesia, a PC-based, easy-to-use, interactive multimedia simulation software:

  • Provides a 2D environment for training new personnel without endangering patients
  • Improves decision-making through exposure to relevant clinical scenarios and the real-time physiologic effects of each decision Exposes the student to rare conditions and incidences for improved trouble-shooting
  • Uses environments representative of the Operating Room, including key personnel, equipment and drugs
  • Improves performance through the repetition of routine tasks

Training Opportunities:

  • Participate in a range of clinical, experimental, and/or rare scenarios
  • Use realistic graphical interfaces that recreate the patient and working environment
  • Interact with an anesthesia machine and ventilator
  • View physiologic parameters continuously on clinical monitors
  • Choose from a range of interventions and over 60 drugs and anesthetic gases
  • Experience events including airway and intubation problems, equipment malfunctions, and cardiovascular



Please Note: This is a 2D Training application. All future HumanSim applications will be 3D immersive learning content. PC Only. This application has not currently been tested for use on the Microsoft Windows® 8 platform.