Fundamentals of Low Observable Technologies - Short Course

LO Short Course


***Course registration for March 12-14 is now closed. The next course dates are tentatively set for September 24-26 in Dayton, Ohio. To recieve email notifications regarding registration for the next course, email***

ARA's BerrieHill Research Division is excited to offer this professional short course entitled "Fundamentals of Low Observable Technologies." The unclassified teaching materials for this course draw upon decades of inputs from scientists and engineers who were  involved with the development and fielding of LO systems. Previous versions of this course were taught within DoD from 1989 to 2006, and in 2016 The Ohio State University sponsored a significant revision and update to the course materials. In its present form, this professional short course will provide any engineer or scientist a multidisciplinary introduction and history of the development and fielding of Low Observable technologies. There are 19 course segments, including a review of Electromagnetic and radar fundamentals, Radar Cross Section (RCS) concepts, and absorbing materials properties and their measurements. The course also covers other observable signatures (infrared, visual, and acoustic), as well as a comprehensive integration of LO concepts in airframe design. The course culminates in a focused tour of 6-8 relevant air vehicles in the National Museum of the US Air Force. This course is especially relevant to newer engineers who must understand LO technologies if they are involved with designing, producing, flying, or maintaining LO vehicles. 

Course Syllabus - LO Short Course Offering (2.5 Days)

Typical Course Participant:

Any scientist/engineer/technician working with low observable ground, air, or naval systems, or any defense engineer looking for a broad exposure and understanding of low observable technology. This would be especially valuable to newer DoD government/contractors working on low observable projects.

Open to government and DoD contractors who are U.S. citizens only. Credentials will be required when registering on the website. Course material is controlled at Unclassified-Distribution D. To verify US citizenship, after tuition payment has been received, Government and DoD Contractor personnel can proceed in one of 2 ways. (1) For attendees who possess a clearance, instructions will be provided to send a collateral SECRET clearance via  the DoD Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) system. (2) For attendees who do not possess a clearance, we need a letter of proof of employment and citizenship on your Company's letterhead stating/certifying your date and place of birth and proper references to naturalization paperwork if you were not born in the US. This letter should be signed, scanned, and emailed to (Note again that the course is UNCLASSIFIED Distribution D and no classified materials will be provided.) 

Course Site and Dates:

Wright Brothers Institute, Tec^Edge, Einstein Room, 5000 Springfield Street, Dayton OH 45431.

Course dates are March 12-14, 2019 including a scripted USAF museum tour.

Course Tuition:

$1,900.00 per student. Payments must be made by credit card ONLY.

Course Registration Instructions:

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Course Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Full tuition refunds will be issued if cancelled before March 5, 2019. Within seven days, the course registration can be transferred with written permission of the student’s employer to another participant at no cost as long as the new student is a government/contractor and U.S. citizen. There will be no cash refunds within seven days. 

To receive a refund, you must email your request to You must provide your online order number in order for the refund to be issued. A refund will be sent to the credit card used to make the purchase. ARA will reply to your refund request email when the refund is issued. It may take 7-10 business days before the credit appears on your card. You will need to contact your credit card company if the credit has not appeared after this time.

In the unlikely event the course does not enroll a minimum of 20 students, ARA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the offering, and ALL students will be afforded full refunds.