Dynamic Component Modeling Software (DCMS)

Dynamic Component Modeling Software DCMS


New Version Release Dynamic Component Modeling Software (DCMS) assists engineers in the analysis and design of building structures (walls, roofs, frames, window frames, etc.) subjected to dynamic loads with a focus on blast analysis. DCMS includes robust Single-Degree-Of-Freedom (SDOF) and Two-Degree-Of-Freedom (TDOF) solvers and a range of built-in modeling tools that allow engineers to quickly develop and evaluate a wide range of structural building components.  Models include concrete beams, one and two-way concrete slabs, build-up metal beams, and masonry construction for a wide range of load and support conditions.

Improvements on ARA’s prior SDOF tool include additional built-in models, additional SDOF boundary conditions and load condition, additional analysis options, a more robust units system, additional time step and analysis duration options, and a built-in calculator allowing basic math to occur in any input cell.


  • The ability to develop reusable libraries of load functions, PI curve criteria sets, material properties, and beam cross sections. 
    • Built-in material library containing common steel and aluminum properties.
    • Built-in shapes database containing common wide flanges, channels, angles, structural tees, HSS sections, SSMA studs and tracks, Joist, and CMD shapes.
  • Many Built-in SDOF models
    • Several Component Types
      • Metal Beams
      • Reinforced concrete beams and slabs, including Type I, Type II, and Type III sections.  Precast steel options are also included.
      • Masonry Walls
    • Boundary Conditions
      • One-way - Simple, Fixed, Pinned-Fixed, and Cantilever options
      • Two-way - All Simple, All Fixed, Short-Simple Long-Fixed, Long-Simple Short-Fixed, Three-Fixed Long-Free, Three-Fixed Short-Free
    • Loading Condition
      • Uniform, Triangular, and Point Load options
  • Robust SDOF and TDOF solvers
  • Color coded results based on user selected ductility and rotation limits.
  • Analysis Options including Singe Run, Capacity Run, Variation Charts, PI Curves, and a Design Tool allowing simultaneous evaluation of up to three input parameters.
  • Calculator feature allowing basic calculations to be performed in any input cell
  • A robust unit system allowing mixed unit input and on the fly unit conversions
  • The ability to run multiple SDOF systems simultaneously within a single project
    • Organization tools allowing models to be grouped and edited in tandem
    • The ability to prepare an automated report appendix taking advantage of groupings
  • The ability to interact with graphs (zoom, scale)
  • The ability to copy and print all output
  • The ability to save graphs in DPLOT format or save them to the loads library for use in other models


The DCMS software will run on most standard "off the shelf" Windows computers and must have Microsoft Word installed. The software is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 with the Microsoft .NET framework version 4.0 or later.  The DCMS installer will automatically download and install the .NET framework version 4, if not already present, with proper administrative privileges.  The DCMS software may be installed without administrative privileges if the .NET framework version 4 or later is already installed on the machine. The software cannot run on a server.

The DCMS software must be installed on a virtual windows environment for Apple computers.


Standard License

  • Licenses are issued to one individual person, not an organization.
  • Licenses allow the software to be installed on one primary computer (e.g., desktop).
    • The 2nd License for a second computer (e.g., laptop) belonging to the same user may be purchased for an additional $50 (excluding A.T.-BLAST).
  • Licenses will expire after one year after activation of the software and will be available for annual renewal, excluding A.T.-BLAST.
  • Annual license includes installation support and program maintenance only.
  • Annual support includes program operation support only, not design and analysis guidance.

Educational/Training License

  • Educational/Training licenses are issued to one organization for use by students only.
  • Educational/Training licenses are issued on a case by case basis and subject to approval.
  • A purchase of a 1 year license must be placed at time of Educational/Training licenses are requested.
  • Start Dates and End Dates for training must be submitted via email when requesting an educational license.
  • Licenses will expire after duration of the training/class
  • Use of software for anything other than educational/training purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Educational/Training License may be re-activated for the same fee and will remain active for duration of new training/class.

For more information about Educational/Training Licenses, please contact seasinfo@ara.com.