DCMS Basic Online Training

DCMS Basic Online Training


In connection with the purchase of the DCMS software tool and a desire to better understand the use, capabilities, assumptions, and technical limitations of the software, ARA has created a 1-hour web-based training session to better understand how to use the tool. The web-based training must be viewed with a web browser and will expire after 7 days after purchase.

One Certificate of Completion is included in the fee. Additional training certificates may be purchased for an additional $100.00 from the Additional Online Training Certificates page. Click this link here to go directly to the page.

All fees are non-refundable.


  • General Overview of DCMS
    • Working with Units
      • Pre-defined units
      • User-defined units
      • Unit operations
    • Working with Loads
      • Creating loads
      • Importing loads
      • Blast load definition
      • Load Curve Builder
    • Material Libraries
      • Pre-defined materials
      • User-defined materials
    • Cross Section Library
      • Defining cross-section properties for analysis
      • Calculating cross-section properties from composite built-up shapes
      • Importing cross-sections from libraries of standard shapes
    • Overview of DCMS Models
      • General SDOF Model
      • SDOF Cross Section Model
      • SDOF Concrete Beam Model
      • SDOF 1-Way Concrete Slab Model
      • SDOF 2-Way Concrete Slab Model
      • SDOF Masonry Model
      • Two Degree of Freedom General Model
      • Two Degree of Freedom Sub Model
    • Working with Output
      • Text Output
      • Output Graphs
      • Pressure Impulse Curves
      • Appendix Builder
    •   Overview of validations and limitations of DCMS