Communication User’s Predictive Product (CUPP)

Communication User’s Predictive Product (CUPP)


ARA’s CUPP communication software tool supports warfighters, mission planners and communication analysis needs.

Communication Users Predictive Product (CUPP) is a communications assessment tool providing detailed satellite communication (SATCOM VHF-Ku Band) voice and data architecture analysis from satellite telemetry, tracking, and commands systems (TT&C) to the tactical user’s radio antenna pairing performance. CUPP can demonstrate and analyze the effects of natural phenomena (ionospheric scintillation) or man-made interference (S/N communication jammers) causing interference within the communication architecture. Users can assess ionospheric scintillation effects on the identified equipment in terms of bit error rate (BER) or report error rate (RER). This tool is ideal for modeling and simulation analysis from strategic constellation placement to mission planning or SATCOM frequency allocation showing tactical to strategic equipment utility. CUPP can evaluate the quality of satellites relays reliability (voice or data) to multiple ground receivers to mirror real-world national strategic constellations. CUPP can evaluate voice and data SATCOM receive equipment ranging for air, land, and sea platforms for LOS/BLOS communication mission effectiveness.  CUPP is currently being utilized by tactical radio users to evaluate mission level C2.

CUPP is a software tool designed to be user friendly; it’s intuitive design, populated satellite databases and equipment databases offers fast communication analysis while output products provide high-fidelity engineering level communication link budget analysis.

When determining the reliability of receives antennas and satellite field of view applicability, CUPP utilizes Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) to identify terrain masking for RF propagation. Modeling new satellite constellations and  creating equipment databases to analyze a constellation’s overall performance or to focus analysis on one satellite’s uplink/downlink performance and the satellites ground receiver’s reliability and performance can be done easily with the communication analysis CUPP tool. 


  • 100+ satellite database
  • 100+ radio and antenna database
  • DTED - terrain masking
  • S/N communication jammers
  • Ionospheric scintillation assessments
  • .CSV output files for analysis
  • Multiple RF users analysis simultaneously


CUPP is an ARA commercial of the shelf (COTS) software tool available for purchase. A single client user agreement is required at time of purchase. The tool comes with a populated satellite, radio, antenna database and a user’s manual. 


CUPP is a standalone software tool which can be installed on a laptop or desktop. CUPP can be installed on classified networks (SIPR/JWICS).