One Step Ahead of Your Threats

Pathfinder is the premier footstep and vehicle detection system designed for the critical infrastructure, private security, military, and border security markets.

It provides an expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable early warning capability allowing the operator to “find the path”, inferring movement patterns, routes, key locations, and likely intent. The power of Pathfinder is that it accomplishes all this before the threat can cause damage or inflict harm.

The technology and advancements in Pathfinder stem from over a decade of United States military feedback on ARA’s original seismic sensor system. With over 48,000 units delivered around the globe, our sensors continue to be employed by Soldiers in numerous regions today.

Most notable to the next generation Pathfinder sensors are:

  • Improved machine learning algorithms resulting in higher probability of detection and lower false alarms
  • Significantly improved battery life
  • Mobile alert notifications
  • Intuitive app-based interface
  • Simplified emplacement
  • Enhanced mapping technologies

These wide-ranging improvements provide greater mission applicability in specific areas such as cross-border security, counter terrorism/trafficking/narcotics, critical infrastructure protection, and system integrators.

Why It Works

To be successful, threats require two things, surprise and maneuver. Pathfinder eliminates both by covertly detecting, identifying, and monitoring threats before they can cause damage or inflict harm.

Pathfinder provides what other sensors can’t by allowing users to intervene against threats at the most opportune moment, making it appear as ‘chance contact’. Detailed activity monitoring lets users easily keep the threat’s tactics, techniques, and procedures intact while giving no indication that his activities have been compromised.

The Next Generation Intrusion Detection System Includes:

  • Extended battery life (MINI sensor: up to 6 months; XL sensor: up to 24 months)
  • Focused detection radii and point detection capability
  • Long range detection reporting without the use of gateways and relays
  • Line of sight, non-line of sight and beyond line of sight capable
  • Intelligent, machine learning algorithms
  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate
  • Fixed site and mobile detection receipt and monitoring
  • Ruggedized sensor capable of withstanding a wide range of climates and terrains

Where Pathfinder Makes an Impact:

  • Border Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Refugee Migration
  • Livestock/Timber Theft
  • Counter Trafficking/Narcotics/Terrorism
  • Search and Rescue
  • Military Operations
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Vandalism and Theft
  • Pipeline and Well Security
  • Prison Perimeters

Receiver Kit

  • The Receiver Kit includes base station with Pathfinder software installed, waterproof Ethernet receiver, antenna, ten foot antenna cable, user manual, antenna mounting hardware, installation tools, and quick reference cards.

Sensor Kit

  • Additional sensors can be seamlessly integrated into the Starter Kit, expanding your detection coverage area.
  • Kits normally include 60 MINI sensors or 30 XL sensors. Individual sensor quantities can be customized.

The PATHFINDER commodity has been classified in accordance with Export Administration Regulations ECCN [6A999.a]. Diversion contrary to U.S. Law is prohibited. In accordance with U.S. Law (Title 15 CFR Part 746 and Supplement No.1 to Part 744; and Title 31 CFR) resale/re-export or transfer to certain designated countries is prohibited without prior written consistent of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Products classified under this ECCN may or may not require an export license depending on the destination, the user or the end use of the item.