Proven Capabilities Protecting Military Service Members

With over a decade of proven success on hundreds of real-world operations, ARA’s Pathfinder capabilities have been battle-tested and improved with feedback from the United States military. With its track record of success, Pathfinder is now ready for use by other militaries throughout the world.

Combat experience doesn’t always say it all – Pathfinder has received tremendous reviews and praise from three certified US Army test and evaluation agencies:

  • Army Test and Evaluation Command
  • US Army Maneuver Battle Lab
  • Brigade Modernization Command

ARA’s original ground sensor solution, E-UGS, has been proven successful by the United States military around the globe with over 48,000 units delivered. These seismic sensors continue to be employed by Soldiers in numerous regions today.

  • The Pathfinder system employs proprietary Extended Range Radio Frequency (ERRF) technology to transmit alerts up to 10 miles or more from the buried sensors to a base station receiver – eliminating the need for repeaters or a mesh network.
  • E-UGS/Pathfinder has been integrated into military security/ communications systems such as Sentinel, Terra Harvest, Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), Raptor X, Force XXI Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2), Base Expeditionary Targeting and Surveillance Systems-Combined (BETSSC), and Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protection System (COSFPS).
  • E-UGS/Pathfinder also has been deployed as a Slew-to-Cue (STC) capability for the NAVAIR Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) and the Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) aerostats.
  • For SOF and other dismounted warfighter applications, ARA developed a soldier-wearable Mini Receiver. Fitting in the palm of a hand, the performance of the Mini Receiver is comparable to ARA’s standard Pathfinder receiver.
  • Improved seismic sensing technology and machine learning algorithms in the Pathfinder sensor provide reliable (high probability) detection of intruder footsteps and/or vehicles with exceptionally low false alarm rates.
  • ARA has added other sensing modalities to the seismic UGS for specialized applications such as detecting illegal human passage through clandestine tunnels (using passive IR (PIR) sensing and the presence and deactivation of machine vibrations to detect illicit drilling/tampering into pipelines and disruptions in power to site machinery.

Pathfinder Protects Our Service Members With:

  • Extended battery life (MINI sensor: up to 6 months; XL sensor: up to 24 months)
  • Focused detection radii and point detection capability
  • Long range detection reporting without the use of gateways and relays
  • Signal exfiltration in line of sight, non-line of sight and beyond line of sight conditions
  • Intelligent, machine learning algorithms
  • High probability of detection and low false alarm rate
  • Static and mobile detection receipt and monitoring
  • Ruggedized sensor capable of withstanding a wide range of climates and terrains

Pathfinder Military Applications:

  • Forward Operating Base
  • Combat Outpost/Fire Base
  • Village Security
  • Route Monitoring/Clearance
  • Pattern of Life
  • IED Defeat
  • Urban Ops
  • Counter Mortar and Sniper
  • Asset Cueing (Slew-to-Cue and Fly-to-Cue)