Registration Now Open for Low Observable Short Course


Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is excited to announce a continuing professional education short course called “Fundamentals of Low Observable Technologies” offered by ARA’s BerrieHill Research Division (BRD).                                       

The multidisciplinary course is geared toward any scientist, engineer, or technician working with low observable (LO) ground, air, or naval systems, or any defense engineer looking for a broad exposure and understanding of LO technology. This course is especially relevant to newer engineers involved with designing, producing, flying, or maintaining LO vehicles, although any engineer will extract value out of this broad based professional short course.  

The 2.5 day course takes place March 12 to 14 in Dayton, Ohio, and the lectures are augmented with an “up close” focused tour of relevant aircraft displayed at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

The unclassified teaching materials for the course draw upon decades of inputs from scientists and engineers who were involved with the development and fielding of LO systems. BRD, a preeminent leader in LO technologies, redeveloped legacy low observable course materials through the Ohio State University Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program (DMAP).

There are 19 course segments, including Electromagnetic and Radar Fundamentals, Radar Cross Section (RCS) Basic Concepts, Radar Absorbing Material Overview, Acoustic Signatures, RCS Integration, comprehensive integration of LO concepts in air frame design, and more.

Dr. Brian Kent, the course organizer and lead instructor, stated that “I have helped co-teach this subject since 1989 and have taught over 3,500 individuals.” Dr. Kent’s ARA instructor team includes Dr. Peter Munk, Mr. Hirsch Chizever and Dr. Tri Van (all from BRD), and is augmented by consultant Dr. Randy J Jost, who co-developed the original material with Dr. Kent when he was a USAF officer and instructor at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Registration is open to Department of Defense government employees and contractors who are U.S. citizens; citizenship will be verified upon registration. Since the course is only open to U.S. citizens, please follow the registration directions carefully to get enrolled.

For more information, a course schedule, and to register, visit:

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Brian Kent
ARA Principal Engineer

LO Short Course Syllabus and Instructor Bios