Pathfinder Client App Now Available on Google Play Store


ARA’s Pathfinder is the premier footstep and vehicle detection system designed for both the commercial and military markets. We are pleased to announce that the Pathfinder client app is now available for download from the Google Play store – making it easier than ever to covertly detect, identify, and monitor threats BEFORE they can cause damage or inflict harm.

Pathfinder provides what other sensors can’t by allowing users to intervene against threats at the most opportune moment, making it appear as ‘chance contact’. Detailed activity monitoring lets users easily keep the threat’s tactics, techniques, and procedures intact while giving no indication that his activities have been compromised.

The system provides an expendable, affordable, actionable, and undetectable early warning capability allowing the operator to "find the path", inferring movement patterns, routes, key locations, and likely intent.

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