ARA Tests Cooperative Communication System (CCS)


Dawn Laufersweiler makes observer notes during one of two clinical scenarios to test the CCS decision and communication support system at BICU San Antonio.
Dawn Laufersweiler (CAD), Gregory Rule (SEAS), Tony Hamilton (SED) and Christopher Nemeth (SSM) conducted a validation study of the Cooperative Communication System (CCS) at the Burn Intensive Care Unit (BICU) Fort Sam Houston, TX in June.

ARA developed the CCS as a real time decision and communication support system for Burn Intensive Care Unit (BICU) clinicians by tracking and presenting relevant medical information to the right person at the right time. Using Cognitive Systems Engineering methods, the Cognitive Solutions team revealed BICU clinician mental models and work processes, developed requirements, and modeled information design solutions.

Six physicians and nurses participated, supported by over a dozen research staff at the Institute for Surgical Research, to study how well the CCS supports patient care. The evaluation followed a 41-subject usability assessment last November that the ARA team conducted.

Led by Josh Blomberg, the SED software team developed the CCS into an interactive prototype. Chris Argenta’s machine learning team developed features that make it possible to track patient trends and health trajectory.

Initial findings indicate clinicians strongly favor the CCS to make the challenging cognitive work more efficient and reliable. ARA is pursuing both civilian and defense transition plans for the CCS.