ARA to Demo Advanced Warfighter Technologies at I/ITSEC 2017

Cutting-edge synthetic terrain, virtual reality, and whole earth simulations

The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates will demo their latest 3D virtual world software at the 2017 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC). I/ITSEC will be held November 27 – November 30, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center.

The Virtual Heroes Division of Applied Research Associates has been expanding game engine technology and synthetic terrain capabilities for over a decade. “We are excited to show off our capabilities across a wide range of technologies this year at IITSEC,” said Randy Brown, ARA Vice President and Virtual Heroes division manager. “With immersive experiences on Vive VR headsets and many license-free synthetic terrain GOTS technologies for our Warfighters, it promises to be a busy week!” Conference-goers can preview Virtual Heroes’ latest virtual reality and Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)-based technologies at booth 1207:

  • ASCEND: A cloud-based synthetic environment generation framework composed of services that can be run distributed across multiple platforms to streamline the delivery of SE data, from source to Soldier. ASCEND can process standard GIS sources as well as point clouds, and the resulting 3D products are delivered to clients through an intuitive web interface. Alternatively, you can access ASCEND data and services directly from your own tools using our API and best of all, ASCEND is GOTS software.
  • Globe: A whole-world, multi-echelon real time immersive simulation platform. Globe takes the best-in-class Unreal 4 game engine and makes it geo-spatially accurate based on the WGS-84 world model. Globe is also GOTS software and Globe’s environments are dynamically updatable in real-time.
  • Point Cloud:  Visualize and interact with massive point cloud datasets in a Virtual Reality environment.  We will be presenting a point cloud engine for volumetric point data. The tool allows laser scanned environments with sub mm accuracy to be shown as a point cloud, but using cutting edge technology from Nurulize the point cloud doesn't even 'look' like a cloud. Hundreds of millions or billions of points interactively on a Vive headset!
  • Avionics Functional V22 Virtual Reality Trainer: Use a V22 VR trainer to complete a simple cockpit maintenance procedure. Users must follow the appropriate steps to remove and replace a broken Multifunction Display (MFD) monitor. The VR version of the V22 trainer will be portable, consisting of a laptop and an HTC Vive headset, reaching a larger number of learners than the traditional physical simulator.

The Virtual Heroes Division has won multiple awards for its simulations, serious games and 3D virtual worlds using game engine technology to provide interactive learning solutions for healthcare, government customers, and corporate training. The Orlando office of Virtual Heroes has been working with the Army community for over ten years, developing modeling and simulation for the defense industry. More information on Virtual Heroes can be found at and

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Randy Brown
ARA VP, Virtual Heroes Division Manager