Vicksburg, MS



The objective of this project is to develop a customized software tool that organizes the City of Vicksburg's key stakeholder information,... more

Security Assessments

Security Assessments for NIH Facilities

The Facilities Services Project Management and Administration office of the University of Chicago engaged Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) to... more

Progressive Collapse Analysis

Progressive Collapse Analysis & Design for Federal Office Buildings

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) sponsored the development of progressive collapse criteria for facilities under their control... more

WINGARD LE Logo & Feature Image

Wingard LE

WINdow Glazing Analysis Response and Design (WINGARD) provides a simple and accurate analytical model of window response to the effects of an... more

WINGARD PE Logo & Feature Image

Wingard PE

WINdow Glazing Analysis... more

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3D Blast

3D Blast provides quick calculation and visualization of the loads on different building shapes for an open-air explosion of a bare hemispherical... more

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A.T.-BLAST calculates blast loading parameters from an open-air hemispherical explosion based on distance from the device. The program allows the... more

Measuring the accuracy of dowel placement in PCC slab

Airfield Construction QA Services for the U.S. Air Force

Since 2005, ARA has been the Air Force’s leading provider of airfield construction quality assurance services in the United States. more


TIC/TIM Assessments of U.S. Air Force Bases

ARA performed Toxic Industrial Chemical/Toxic Industrial Material assessments of 2 Air Force Bases in the Washington, DC area. more

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  • Security Assessments
  • Progressive Collapse Analysis
  • WINGARD LE Logo & Feature Image
  • WINGARD PE Logo & Feature Image
  • 3DBlast Logo & Feature Image
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  • Measuring the accuracy of dowel placement in PCC slab
Airport Services

Airport Services

Research, evaluation, and design of airfield pavements; construction quality assurance; airport safety; aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF);... more

Aviation R&D

Aviation R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA is well versed in helping the FAA, airports, and other aviation agencies conduct critical R&D and deploy innovative technologies. more

Department of Defense Infrastructure

Department of Defense Infrastructure

ARA has supported defense-related infrastructure activities for over 35 years. more


Highway R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA helps develop and deploy transportation innovations through innovative research and state-of-the-art communications, outreach, and training... more

Pavement Engineering

Pavement Engineering

Mechanistic pavement design, evaluation and testing, pavement management systems, performance modeling, life cycle cost analysis, accelerated... more

Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management

Pavement and asset management, vehicle-based data collection, life cycle cost analysis, and construction and maintenance quality assurance systems... more


Risk Assessment and Management

ARA provides comprehensive risk assessment services and tools to maximize physical and electronic security, within the government and private... more

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

Tools for decision support and training for defense applications, the transportation community, medical and life sciences, and emergency... more

Test and Evaluation

Weapons Development, Testing, and Effects

From penetration and detonation underground, to air-blast, to a nuclear attack against U.S. satellites in space, ARA scientists and engineers... more

Response and Planning Tools

ARA’s expertise in physiological and computational modeling, research, development, and design ensure human aspects of systems respond effectively... more

Injury Biomechanics

Injury Biomechanics and Protective Design

Our innovation and in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical, physiological, and biological processes make us leaders in solving complex health... more

Fire Protection Systems

Firefighting and Fire Protection Systems

We develop and test specialized technology required to meet new and evolving military and civilian firefighting needs throughout the world. more


Innovative Training Solutions

Instructional design, interactive training programs, immersive learning simulations, serious games, and virtual worlds. more

Progressive Collapse Analysis

Blast Effects, Protective Design, and Physical & Electronic Security

ARA's internationally recognized engineers and security experts, along with our explosive testing capabilities, allow us to solve our clients... more