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Breacher Injury Studies

Breacher Injury Studies

ARA led the Quantico Breacher Injury Study, which investigated the biomechanics of blast exposure more



The SenseDefense™ line of acoustic protectors is the most comprehensive line of hearing protection products designed for first responders and... more

Photo of military aircraft

U.S. Air Force Utilities GIS—Linear Segmentation

ARA leads the team supporting linear segmentation of Air Force utility systems. more

ACES Cloud Systems

Scalable Enterprise Systems (Web- and Cloud-Based)

In today’s world, scalable systems are essential for organizations to securely and rapidly access and deliver sensitive information to partners... more

  • Breacher Injury Studies
  • SenseDefense
  • Photo of military aircraft
  • ACES Cloud Systems
Injury Biomechanics

Injury Biomechanics and Protective Design

Our innovation and in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical, physiological, and biological processes make us leaders in solving complex health... more