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ARC4: Heads-Up Situational Awareness

ARC4 is advanced, wearable augmented reality (AR) technology that delivers heads-up situational awareness to the dismounted warfighter. more


National Institute of Building Sciences & FEMA: HAZUS (Hazards-US)

ARA has worked with FEMA and the National Institute of Building Sciences since 1998 to develop the HAZUS hurricane wind loss estimation model. more

Katrina Estimates

Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge and Wind Speed Estimates

ARA was asked by the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) to generate estimates of wind speeds, storm surge heights, and wave heights. more

Sedation and Airway

HumanSim® Sedation and Airway

HumanSim: Sedation and Airway trains administering anesthesia in austere environments via Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) and Moderate Sedation.... more


Vulnerability Assessment and Protection Option (VAPO)

VAPO is used to assess the vulnerability of a site by predicting explosive environments, structural damage, and human injury due to a terrorist... more

Medics learn how to treat internal bleeding, lung collapse, and airway trauma.

Combat Medic 3D Virtual Trainer

The Combat Medic 3D virtual trainer addresses treatment of the top three injuries associated with preventable deaths on the modern battlefield:... more

Multi-cell Dismounted Command

Multi-cell & Dismounted Command and Control (M&DC2)

ARA leads the data collection and analysis efforts for the experiments with emphasis on real-time and post experiment data analysis and presentation... more

Training and Exercises

CBRN Training & Exercises

ARA aims to provide innovative solutions to challenging Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense problems by combining the... more

Zero Hour

Zero Hour: America's Medic

Zero Hour: America’s Medic is a first-person, Unreal Engine-based video game designed to train and exercise first responders to respond to mass... more

  • ARC4
  • Katrina Estimates
  • Sedation and Airway
  • VAPO
  • Medics learn how to treat internal bleeding, lung collapse, and airway trauma.
  • Multi-cell Dismounted Command
  • Training and Exercises
  • Zero Hour
Dosimetry Modeling

Inhalation and Respiratory Mechanics

ARA provides user-friendly software, effective tools, and advancements concerning inhalation and respiratory factors. more

Applied Cognition

Cognitive Solutions

Our cognitive capabilities combined with our expertise in the physical sciences allow us to develop solutions that enhance the performance of... more


Innovative Training Solutions

Instructional design, interactive training programs, immersive learning simulations, serious games, and virtual worlds. more

Strategic Marketing and Creative Media

Strategic Marketing and Creative Media

Strategic communications and creative electronic media to market ideas and convey messages efficiently and effectively to any audience. more

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

Tools for decision support and training for defense applications, the transportation community, medical and life sciences, and emergency... more

Response and Planning Tools

ARA’s expertise in physiological and computational modeling, research, development, and design ensure human aspects of systems respond effectively... more

More efficient monitoring with less manpower

C4ISR Systems

C4ISR solutions for gathering, analyzing, and dispensing critical data and intelligence. more

Injury Biomechanics

Injury Biomechanics and Protective Design

Our innovation and in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical, physiological, and biological processes make us leaders in solving complex health... more


Risk Assessment and Management

ARA provides comprehensive risk assessment services and tools to maximize physical and electronic security, within the government and private... more