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Tank Lading

Lading Effects on Tank Car Impact Response

The analyses performed to evaluate the effects of the lading on the impact and puncture behavior of tank cars. more

LifeNet, SoftWall, Barrier Analysis, Finite Element Analysis

LifeNet SoftWall Barrier Analysis

The LifeNet SoftWall barrier is a new barrier concept that provides a soft catch response of a vehicle that drives into the median strip. The barrier... more

Rail Crashworthiness Analysis

Rail Crashworthiness Analysis

ARA’s expertise in rail crashworthiness extends from accident reconstruction to design of crash energy management structures. more

Rapid delamination process due to heat exposure

Delamination Damage to Composite Materials Caused by Radiant Heating

Three aerospace composite materials with quasi-isotropic layup were evaluated for delamination damage caused by radiant heating. more

Vehicle Barrier Analysis & Design

Vehicle Barrier Analysis & Design

ARA developed a custom operable barrier design for the U.S. Tax Court Building through finite element analysis and comparison with test data. more

LS-DYNA Simulation

Tornado Missile Impact Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Structures

High-fidelity computational models of high frequency missiles and critical structures were developed to assess power plant safety. more

  • Tank Lading
  • LifeNet, SoftWall, Barrier Analysis, Finite Element Analysis
  • Rail Crashworthiness Analysis
  • Rapid delamination process due to heat exposure
  • Vehicle Barrier Analysis & Design
  • LS-DYNA Simulation
Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

Tools for decision support and training for defense applications, the transportation community, medical and life sciences, and emergency... more

Crashworthiness Analysis

Crashworthiness Analysis

Physics-based computer modeling and simulation has been a core ARA competency since the company was founded in 1979. more