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Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)

Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)

The NPDD is a non-pyrotechnic, reusable, flash-bang/concussive force diversionary device for use in any environment. more



The SenseDefense™ line of acoustic protectors is the most comprehensive line of hearing protection products designed for first responders and... more

Breacher Injury Studies

Breacher Injury Studies

ARA led the Quantico Breacher Injury Study, which investigated the biomechanics of blast exposure more

SonoWeb Concentrator

SonoWeb: Particle and Aerosol Concentrator/Sampler

The SonoWeb utilizes acoustics to manipulate particles and aerosols to provide concentration of 0.3–5.0 micron particles for enhanced detection of... more


Simulation Toolset for the Analysis of Mission Personnel and Systems

Simulation Toolset for Analysis of Mission, Personnel and Systems (STAMPS) program software suite is a collection of software widgets that users can... more

  • Non-Pyrotechnic Diversionary Device (NPDD)
  • SenseDefense
  • Breacher Injury Studies
  • SonoWeb Concentrator

Risk Assessment and Management

ARA provides comprehensive risk assessment services and tools to maximize physical and electronic security, within the government and private... more

Injury Biomechanics

Injury Biomechanics and Protective Design

Our innovation and in-depth knowledge of physical, chemical, physiological, and biological processes make us leaders in solving complex health... more

Response and Planning Tools

ARA’s expertise in physiological and computational modeling, research, development, and design ensure human aspects of systems respond effectively... more

Software Application

Software Application and Technology Development

Our engineers and developers have experience providing users with 3D graphics/visualization, database design & development, web-based... more


Sensors, Instrumentation, & Test Services

ARA has been designing and utilizing our own custom instrumentation since our founding over two decades ago. In that time, we’ve also build and... more

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Our engineers and scientists are well-versed in offering tangible prototypes that can be deployed and used to save lives in tactical situations... more