Champaign, IL

Rolling Wheel Deflectometer

Rolling Wheel Deflectometer

The RWD is a nondestructive testing device that assesses pavement structural conditions while operating at normal highway speeds and without... more

Illinois Tollway

Illinois Tollway

ARA’s pavement engineering, asset management, and research services support the Illinois Tollway’s efforts to provide high-quality transportation... more


ACRP 1-16: Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports

ARA compiled a collection of best practices for airport asset management and developed a 10-step process for successful implementation. more

PaVision equipment attached to truck

PaVision® Automated Pavement Condition Assessment System

ARA developed the portable, easy-to-use PaVision® system to provide a low-cost, automated technology for assessing pavement conditions. more

Heavily trafficked highway

Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)

In response to the industry’s need for a more robust pavement design and analysis methodology, ARA developed the MEPDG under NCHRP Project 1-37A. more

Distressed highway pavement

Pavement Health Track (PHT) Analysis Tool

In support of the FHWA Office of Asset Management, ARA was a member of the team that developed the PHT technology and software. more

ARA's Bill Vavrik presenting at an FHWA technology transfer workshop

FHWA Innovation Deployment

Since 2006, ARA has been the FHWA’s leading support contractor for deploying technology and innovation to the highway community. more

Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign

Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign

We were asked by the Federal Highway Administration to create a marketing plan and materials for a campaign promoting Data-Driven Safety Analysis (... more

Turner-Fairbank Promotional Video

FHWA Turner-Fairbank Research Facility Promo Video

We created this award-winning video to promote the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center. more

  • Rolling Wheel Deflectometer
  • Illinois Tollway
  • ACRP
  • PaVision equipment attached to truck
  • Heavily trafficked highway
  • Distressed highway pavement
  • ARA's Bill Vavrik presenting at an FHWA technology transfer workshop
  • Data-Driven Safety Analysis Campaign
  • Turner-Fairbank Promotional Video
Airport Services

Airport Services

Research, evaluation, and design of airfield pavements; construction quality assurance; airport safety; aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF);... more

Aviation R&D

Aviation R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA is well versed in helping the FAA, airports, and other aviation agencies conduct critical R&D and deploy innovative technologies. more

Transportation System Security and Safety

Transportation System Security and Safety

Safety management systems, vulnerability assessments, threat-alert sensor systems, and crashworthiness modeling to improve infrastructure... more


Highway R&D and Technology Deployment

ARA helps develop and deploy transportation innovations through innovative research and state-of-the-art communications, outreach, and training... more

Pavement Engineering

Pavement Engineering

Mechanistic pavement design, evaluation and testing, pavement management systems, performance modeling, life cycle cost analysis, accelerated... more

Asset Management

Transportation Asset Management

Pavement and asset management, vehicle-based data collection, life cycle cost analysis, and construction and maintenance quality assurance systems... more

Geotechnical & Structures

Geotechnical & Structures

ARA offers technologies and services to address several critical geotechnical and structures concerns. more

Transportation Policy & Planning

Transportation Policy & Planning

ARA researchers are practitioners first, recognizing that innovation does not happen without in-depth understanding of application. more


Railroad Services

ARA enhances railroad and transit safety and performance through the application of innovative R&D, engineering, and technology deployment... more


Infrastructure Software Solutions

ARA’s software developers provide innovative computing solutions to complex infrastructure design, analysis, and information management challenges... more


Innovative Training Solutions

Instructional design, interactive training programs, immersive learning simulations, serious games, and virtual worlds. more

Strategic Marketing and Creative Media

Strategic Marketing and Creative Media

Strategic communications and creative electronic media to market ideas and convey messages efficiently and effectively to any audience. more

Infrastructure Risk Management

Infrastructure Risk Management

ARA provides engineering-related risk management services to improve infrastructure project and program delivery, and to help achieve enterprise... more