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Ablatives Lab

2.65-M Modular Aeroshell Production

For NASA's Langley Research Center, ARA's Ablatives Laboratory (ABL) produced a large heatshield/aeroshell that incorporates new... more

Heat Shield

Heatshield / Aeroshell Solar Tower Testing

Under NASA sponsorship, the ARA Ablatives Laboratory has been conducting advanced ablator tests in the Sandia Solar Tower Facility since 2003. more

Heatshield Block Ablator

Heatshield Block Ablator Architecture

Heatshield Block Ablator Architecture more

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Ablatives Lab

Ablatives Laboratory

Research, development and manufacturing of ablative heatshields and thermal protection systems for entry and launch vehicles, and missile systems... more

Thermal Protection Technology and Engineering

Thermal Protection Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing

ARA’s Ablatives Laboratory is a NASA-dedicated facility focused on technology advancements for thermal protection systems (TPS) such as planetary... more