Electronic Security Design


Electronic security is necessary to protect property and facilities through means such as surveillance, access control, and alarming. Electronic security design requires close coordination will all disciplines, careful oversight of the construction process, and seamless integration of electronic security measures to ensure a facility is adequately protected.


ARA has assisted the federal government and commercial clients with electronic security services since the mid 1980’s. ARA’s internationally recognized engineers and security experts allow us to solve problems related to electronic security design in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

ARA develops security design requirements and works with client security personnel to develop solutions for the building envelope and entrances, site perimeter, fencing and barrier systems. ARA can provide electronic security support for any phase of a project.

ARA was contracted to provide the Electronic Security System (ESS) Project Manager to represent the Washington Headquarters Service’s interest during construction. This required coordination will all disciplines impacting the ESS and close oversight of the construction process.

ARA was responsible for overseeing the ESS Intrusion Detection System (IDS) security devices and access control (HSPD-12), electronic replacement (Interceptor) for the hardened Protective Distribution System (PDS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), K12 perimeter vehicle barrier access system including input for the crash-rated static and operable perimeter barrier systems, and overall system commissioning.

During the project, ARA worked closely with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the design team, the client, the contracting official, and contractors to determine the client’s needs and make sure the standards were met while also keeping the design within the projects budget.

ARA professionals are experienced in working as part of a team and at all stages of design to provide the best value electronic security systems and solutions to serve our customers’ individual security needs.

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