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Vertek LogoVertek, a division of ARA, is the world leader in Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) manufacturing, sales, and support of advanced in-situ soil testing equipment for Geotechnical and Environmental site investigations. With over 30 years of research and development experience and over a million feet of field investigations conducted, we have leveraged our skills to design and manufacture the most robust and reliable direct push and CPT equipment. Vertek’s products motto has always been “ Built Strong to Last Long”.  

Vertek is currently the largest domestic manufacturer of CPT and related equipment, as well as a supplier of in-situ environmental screening and sampling equipment for soil, soil gas, and groundwater activities. We are well known across the direct push industry for fabricating exceptional quality equipment and providing unmatched customer service. We offer multiple direct push systems that have a working lifespan of 20+ years in the industry, providing a substantial return on your investment and allowing your company to reliably service and grow your client base.  
Over the past 30 years we have sold over 200 systems in both the domestic and international markets for mostly onshore investigations and some offshore applications. These systems vary in capabilities from the human portable 10 Ton system, 20 Ton quick attach systems (S4), to high production truck mounted 25-40 Ton systems. Vertek offers entry level to high production rate systems to meet your company’s needs. Our team works with each client to determine what is the best suited direct push unit for their application and CPT product offering (VTK & HT) to meet your requirements allowing any of our clients to conduct complex geotechnical and environmental testing with confidence.  
Vertek also offers a Smart DCP patented technology that automates most manual Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (DCP) recording field data efficiently and accurately in compliance with ASTM Standard D6951M. Our free Data Acquisition System (DAS) works with your personal smart device and existing Dual Mass DCP equipment providing you 100% more efficiency delivering a fast return on your investment. The field data is easily obtained by one person and can be transmitted via email to the office or client for rapid analysis. Field test data is displayed after every blow and presented on your Smart Device: calculated California Bearing Ratio (CBR) percentage, depth change per blow, and total depth. Our simple operate DAS App has the ability to force a measurement in dense materials and pause testing to add rod extensions for deeper investigations. Our product website offers great demonstration videos showing the easy assembly and use of the Smart DCP kit.    
Vertek's technical ability is multi-disciplined with engineers in electronics, hydraulics, mechanical, software development, and basic and applied physics. Because we employ personnel with such wide ranging capabilities in-house, we’re able to integrate our CPT probes, pushing platforms and data acquisition systems into a single seamless solution. In addition, we have the ability to customize our products to suit unique customer requirements.

Vertek CPT has one goal; to make your business a success and create long term revenue streams for your company.

We do this by:

  • providing CPT Equipment that is simple to operate
  • engineering and building equipment and systems that are the most reliable in the field
  • supplying a comprehensive range of equipment that enables you to start in the business with the least risk, to grow your business as far as you want
  • offering unmatched, U.S. based customer support
  • supporting you as you move into more advanced applications, with the highest profit margins
  • providing the technical and CPT business training you need to be successful

As a leading manufacturer, our systems can be found worldwide. Our customers have come to trust us and our equipment for their complex engineering projects.

To find out more information regarding Vertek’s products, please call us at 800-639-6315 or visit us at to review all of our equipment offerings.

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