Computational Electromagnetics & Fluid Dynamics

Computational Electromagnetics

When faced with the challenge to solve complex computing issues in the most efficient manner possible, U.S. government agencies turn to ARA’s computational electromagnetics team.

With our staff of expert electrical engineers, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists, ARA’s computational electromagnetics team provides critical analysis and modeling capabilities for the development of advanced antenna, radar cross section and other technologies.

Areas of expertise for the computational electromagnetics team include:

  • Computational design
  • CAD modeling and meshing
  • Numerical algorithm development
  • Parallel processing and computing
  • Supercomputing HPC
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Analysis, design and optimization applications

Typical areas of focus for the group include radio frequency (RF), electro-optics and infrared (EO/IR), signature control, installed apertures, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility.

ARA uses a number of CAD software packages to develop highly accurate geometrical models. Computational physics codes programmed on multi-processor, multi-core machines are used to solve extremely large, detailed, modeling and simulation problems.