ARA Expeditionary Warfare Consortium

ARA Expeditionary Warfare Consortium

Are you an academic institution or small business with exertise in prototyping or expeditionary warfare?

We want you to join us.

The ARA Expeditionary Warfare Consortium has been established to develop innovative products, prototypes, and solutions to meet the expeditionary warfare needs of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The consortium provides decades of combined expertise, and has prototyping and testing capabilities to produce virtually any prototype. ARA will continue to grow the consortium membership to add new talent, experience, and, capabilities. 

The consortium will conduct prototyping efforts under the program's expeditionary maneuver, amphibious operations, land maneuver and threat engagement technological areas. 

We are seeking those with experience in keys areas including:

  • Mine countermeasures
  • Assault breaching systems
  • Route reconnaissance and clearance
  • Offensive mining
  • Threat monitoring and protection
  • Force protection
  • Diving/special operations
  • Medical support and rescue
  • Amphibious operations technologies
  • and more!

The consortium currently consists of two academic institutions and more than 30 small businesses located across the United States. ARA’s management of the consortium is focused on providing innovative solutions for NSWC-PC while reducing costs and development times.

The consortium operates through an Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement that went into effect June 21 and includes a base of two years, with two, two-year option periods and a cumulative ceiling amount of $100 million. 

The agreement comes as the Navy seeks solutions that enhance mission effectiveness by rapidly move from prototype to production in order to address current and future systems in the expeditionary warfare environment, including operation in littoral zones. An OTA allows the Department of Defense to carry out prototype projects that are directly relevant to enhancing the mission effectiveness of military personnel and supporting platforms, systems, components or materials.