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H2O Technologies

In our world, water matters...

Our H2O technologies initiatives began in 1998.  Since then, we have established core capabilities and a strong intellectual property portfolio in areas ranging from ultrapure water to clean technologies. We develop innovative solutions involving reactions, separation, and formulation in or with water at a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions. We are passionate about using these groundbreaking and unique water technologies to solve real world problems. We hold patents in ultrapure water and biofuels and are capable of tailoring our Hydrothermal Processing (HTP) technologies to new applications including medical, pharmaceutical, biotech and alternative energy.

Hydrothermal Processing (HTP) Technologies

ARA has developed innovative solutions and in-house capabilities in Hydrothermal Processing (HTP) technology.

HTP is applicable for a wide range of process applications involving reaction, separation and formulation with or in water from cryogenic to supercritical temperatures.  Specific fields include:

  • ultrapure water and wastewater
  • energy and directed-energy
  • chemistry and green chemistry
  • chemical reactor and bio-reactor

We are capable of tailoring our HTP core technology to new applications.

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"Water is the backbone of our nation's economy"

  – U.S. Water Roadmap, Report by Sandia National Laboratories (2006)