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Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle

ARA developed Pointman for tactical missions to fill the gap between large EOD robots and small throwable robots. With patented polymorphic locomotion – it moves in two ways, wheeled motion for fast coverage of relatively flat surfaces, and an end-over-end flipping motion for very effectively getting around or over a wide range of obstacles including stairs, debris, and clothing – Pointman offers unparalleled mobility. This mobility is complemented by a unique camera boom that lies flat to allow Pointman to investigate under vehicles, beds, and other low surfaces and in cramped spaces such as culverts. And Pointman is easy to set up and simple to operate – you can have Pointman out of its storage case and on its mission in about a minute.

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FiRST Pointman M-RAK
(3.25 Minutes) (1.41 Minutes) (1.48 Minutes)
Nighthawk E-UGS Night VISER
Nighthawk Micro Air Vehicle E-UGS Night VISER
(2.38 Minutes) (1.38 Minutes) (1.33 Minutes)
(1.24 Minutes)