Industry Comments

ProFES was developed for the turbine engine industry but is applicable to any mechanical design problem. Representatives from Pratt and Whitney, GE, GM, Allison, and ANSYS, Inc. reviewed the software specifications. As part of the development process ARA also obtained technical input from the Air Force and Vanderbilt and Wright State Universities.

"GE Aircraft Engines began integrating probabilistic fracture mechanics methods into its design practices a number of years ago. I've been impressed with ARA's plan for the continued development of ProFES and the capabilities demonstrated, said Frank Sagendorph, GE Aircraft Engines.

Several of the industry leaders are currently serving as test sites for future releases of the ProFES system.

"...we believe that ProFES will be a valuable tool for our engineers at Allison" Andrew C. Pickard, Allison Engine Company.



The figure shows a turbine engine disk model imported into the ProFES application. This axisymmetric FEM with over 4000 nodes was provided by Pratt & Whitney. Loads and material properties were specified as uncertain and the probability distribution on fatigue life was computed using ProFES' external function call capabilities.