Blast Design Software

A Custom Suite of Tools Designed for Blast Engineers

ARA is the pioneer in the application and development of state of the art modeling and analysis technologies. ARA has developed a custom suite of tools to help engineers model blast effects.

3D Blast

3D Blast

3D Blast provides quick calculation and visualization of the loads on different building shapes for an open-air explosion of a bare hemispherical charge.

AT Blast


A.T.-BLAST calculates blast loading parameters from an open-air hemispherical explosion based on distance from the device.


Single Degree of Freedom

SDOF performs analysis and design of building structural components (walls, floors, beams, slabs, window frames, etc.) for blast and other dynamic loads.

WINGARD Limited Edition

Limited Edition

WINGARD LE is ideal for architects, planners and security personnel who need a quick, preliminary solution for common glazing systems loaded with basic blast loads.

WINGARD Professional Edition

Professional Edition

WINGARD PE is the more powerful version, designed for blast and glazing specialists.