WINdow Glazing Analysis Response and Design (WINGARD) provides an accurate analytical model of window response to the effects of an explosion. The program accepts user input of window system properties and explosion characteristics, and then calculates the performance of the window system when subjected to the defined blast loads. Two versions of WINGARD are available for punched window analysis: WINGARD LE and WINGARD PE.

WINGARD PE is the more powerful version, designed for blast and glazing specialists. It provides the user significantly more control over the glazing and loading models and allows for the simultaneous analysis of multiple window openings. WINGARD PE also provides the user with output details not available in WINGARD LE.

Wingard PE

Specific features of WINGARD PE include the ability to:

  • Quickly model a variety of glazing systems and predict glass fragment hazard
  • Calculate and display time-history plots of loading, displacement, velocity, acceleration, and reactions
  • Model a wide variety of glazing systems ranging from simple, monolithic systems to complex insulating glass units (IGU's), including multi-layered and ballistic-resistant materials
  • Create user-defined libraries of glazing, laminate, and film properties
  • Simultaneously evaluate multiple window openings
  • Automatically determine glazing capacity
  • Generate Pressure-Impulse curves


  • Licenses are issued to one individual person, not organization.
  • Licenses allow for software to be installed on one primary computer (e.g., desktop).
  • 2nd License for second computer (e.g., laptop) belonging to the same user may be purchased for an additional $50 (excluding A.T.‐BLAST).
  • License will expire after one year after activation of the software and will be available for annual renewal, excluding A.T.-BLAST.

A.T.‐BLAST is a one‐time only purchase for two installs. Future re‐installations will require a
new license file. A new license file can be obtained for a $50 fee.

Annual license includes installation support and program maintenance only.

Annual support includes program operation support only, not design and analysis guidance.