SDOF performs analysis and design of building structural components (walls, floors, beams, slabs, window frames, etc.) for blast and other dynamic loads. SDOF allows the user to quickly generate Single-Degree-of-Freedom (SDOF) models for a wide variety of common systems.


Specific features of SDOF include the ability to:

  • Calculate and display displacement, velocity, acceleration, and element load time history results
  • Analyze reinforced concrete beams, columns, and slabs; steel beams and columns; and general SDOF models
  • Develop reusable libraries of load functions, material properties, and metal beam cross sections
  • Quickly switch between English and Metric units
  • Interact with graphs (zoom, scale)
  • Copy and/or print all output
  • Save graphs in DPLOT format
  • Simultaneously analyze multiple SDOF systems
  • Automatically prepare a report


  • Licenses are issued to one individual person, not organization.
  • Licenses allow for software to be installed on one primary computer (e.g., desktop).
  • 2nd License for second computer (e.g., laptop) belonging to the same user may be purchased for an additional $50 (excluding A.T.‐BLAST).
  • License will expire after one year after activation of the software and will be available for annual renewal, excluding A.T.-BLAST.

A.T.‐BLAST is a one‐time only purchase for two installs. Future re‐installations will require a
new license file. A new license file can be obtained for a $50 fee.

Annual license includes installation support and program maintenance only.

Annual support includes program operation support only, not design and analysis guidance.