Finite Element Modeling Software

ISLAB2000 is a finite element modeling program designed for analyzing rigid pavements. In large part, it is an extension of the ILLI-SLAB and ILSL2 programs. ISLAB2000 is a significant improvement over other finite element programs for analyzing rigid and composite pavements, enabling users to analyze a wide range of problems that are not possible with other programs. For example, ISLAB2000 can analyze partially bonded layers, the effects of nonlinear temperature distribution throughout constructed layers, mismatched joints and cracks, and the effect of widened base.

ISLAB2000 allows users to define an “unlimited” number of nodes, pavement layers, and wheel loads. It also includes an improved void analysis model.

In addition to its computational advantages, ISLAB2000 offers a simple graphical user interface (GUI). The advantages of the GUI are apparent in both the definition of a finite element problem (data input) and viewing the results (output).

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