GEMACS Software Overview

The GEMACS software suite includes the following products


GEMACS is the core of the commercial software suite. Its capability has been improved over the years to allow electromagnetic (EM) engineers to work on problems that are becoming more and more complex. GEMACS biggest advantage over other EM codes (NEC, BSC, Carlos-3D, etc.) is the availability of multiple physics and solution methods integrated into a single product with a command and geometry language that lets the user, not the software, direct the execution of a particular problem.

GEMACS is available for desktop PCs, shared memory computers (SMP), and distributed memory computers using MPI (such as Linux clusters and office networks). The latest version of GEMACS (7.2) incorporates new features, improved support tools, and a higher level of stability.


XGAUGE is derived from its DOS predecessor, GAUGE. This graphical processor is capable of displaying, creating, editing, and otherwise manipulating geometry data for GEMACS geometry inputs as well as displaying surface currents from GEMACS as color-filled contours on XGAUGE geometries.

Post-Processing Support Tools

The GEMACS post-processing tools consist of programs used for data extraction and formatting of GEMACS outputs. These programs access the binary outputs of GEMACS under interactive control with the user.

  • GETDATA: Extract wire/surface currents
  • CONTOUR: Extract near-field data in two dimensions
  • RADPOWER: Compute total power radiated from far-field pattern
  • PATTERN: Extract volumetric far-field data
  • FLDTABLE: Spreadsheet-like printout of field data

Pre-Processing Support Tools

The GEMACS pre-processing tools convert and format geometry data for input into GEMACS. While not required for GEMACS execution, they give the user a convenient way to import geometry data.

  • G2GEM: Written to take advantage of geometry data files generated by the ARL (Army Research Laboratory) BRL-CAD program in performing electromagnetic analyses using GEMACS. G2GEM bridges the gap between the model formats of the two codes.
  • CELLGEN: Conversion of BRL-CAD models to interior cell lattice for eigenwork.

Eigenvalue/Eigenvector Tools

The eigenvalue/eigenvector tools are a set of programs that generate cavity mode information in a form that GEMACS can use for cavity field and cavity coupling calculations including cavity lattice generation, topology construction, generation of the eigenvector matrix, solution of the eigenvector problem, and reformatting into an eigenvalue/eigenvector database.

Supporting Tools & Programs

These software programs are not specifically required for the use of GEMACS and are not available as full versions through this Web site. Supporting Programs:

  • X-Win32ѡn X-Server for MS Windows (required for running XGAUGE on MS Windows)
  • NotePad++ѡn industrial strength text editor for the programming environment

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