Getting GEMACS

GEMACS Pricing

GEMACS pricing and availability, included supported computer configurations, support and training options may be downloaded here.

Purchase Inquiry

Ready to purchase GEMACS? Send an email to requesting a purchase package. It will include a list of all the paperwork you will need to submit.

More Information

Need more information about GEMACS and its capabilities? Have a question about the support package? If you need more information or have a question please contact us. A Licensing and Purchasing FAQ is also available.

Foreign License

Due to export control restrictions, GEMACS is currently only available for purchase within the U.S. and Canada. To be notified when GEMACS is available in other countries, contact us.

License Information

Definition of License: GEMACS is licensed on a per-computer basis. That is, a single license permits installation on a single computer. Any user with a valid account on that computer may execute GEMACS on that computer.

General Information

Distribution: No part of GEMACS or the contents of the GEMACS CD-ROM may be distributed without written permission from Applied Research Associates or ARL, except as follows: (the contents of the /samples directory).

Additional copies of the GEMACS User Manual may be printed at the user's expense, provided they are not distributed outside the user's organization.

Warranty: No warranty, express or implied. No claim for suitability of software for particular application. No claim of interoperability with other products.

Returns: Defective media will be replaced without charge during the first 30 days. Entire package may be returned within first 30 days for refund, provided the permanent license key has not been activated.


Single License: The Commercial GEMACS package is available from Applied Research Associates for $12,500 per computer. U.S. government agencies and their contractors may be eligible for a substantial discount (see below).

Multiple Licenses: Discounts are given for the purchase of multiple licenses, as follows:

Number of Computers Price Per Computer
1-9 $12,500
10-20 $11,750
>20 $10,000

Compare: Why does Commercial GEMACS cost so much? Compared with similar products, it really doesn't. For a detailed comparison between GEMACS and SuperNEC, another popular CEM code, click here.

Support Package

Commercial Support No. GEMACS product comes with support beyond simple installation questions. Additional annual support may be purchased on a per-user basis as follows (eee the Support page for detailed information on the commercial support package):

Number of Computers Price Per Computer
1-9 $7,500
10-20 $6,750
>20 $6,000

Special Pricing for Government Licenses

Agencies: An agency of the U.S. government may obtain a single copy of the basic GEMACS software at no cost, provided that certain conditions are met.
More Information.

Contractors: A contractor of the U.S. government may obtain copies of the basic GEMACS software at a reduced price under the Contractor Limited-Use License, provided the software is to be used under certain guidelines.
More Information

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