GEMACS Enhancements Overview

New and Powerful Tools for the Users of GEMACS

Enhanced SmartView 3D Visualizer

Version 4.120 Release: Be sure to see the new features and capabilities added in this version of the program.

SmartView is a comprehensive 3D visualizer and editor for geometries, surface currents, near fields, far fields, and other data quantity that can be rendered as a set of points and polygons. Among its features is the ability to render models as point sets, wireframes, polygonal facets, and illuminated solids. SmartView frees the GEMACS user from the typical constraints of other graphical viewers, such as XGAUGE, by allowing for more precise movements of a model around all 3 axes and by providing improved visualization capabilities and a more intuitive user interface.

GEMACS Control Program

Running GEMACS from the command line is awkward in a graphical environment, but the GEMACS Control Program turns GEMACS into a standard MS Windows or X-Windows application.

Software Development Kit

The GEMACS Software Development Kit allows users of GEMACS to author additional pre- and post-processing tools for interaction with the GEMACS core. Included in the SDK is the development library, comprehensive documentation, and a set of development examples to get the user started.

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